Many have been predicting how far possible is it for Kurt to reach the Far Lands.  First experience shows that is it absolutely possible.
Can the Far Lands Be Busted? - Minecraft Science

Can the Far Lands Be Busted? - Minecraft Science


It has been investigated that what much of what will happen is that the sharp movements will be much more severe, but bearable and functional.

It is possible for Wolfie to be able to walk with Kurt, however, it has speculated that he may drown in a far future episode as such things occured when tested.  This may be attributed to inaccurate calculations of a Wolf being in water.

Also, Wolfie has been known to sometimes get stuck in a block. This might happen more frequently as Kurt gets closer to the far lands. Kurt himself might even occasionally get stuck in a block too.

Block selection will be very off, especially when Kurt gets close to the Far Lands. This might be a problem when placing blocks, especially the torch on an Elevated Hidey Hole.