Far Lands
Far Lands
First Seen Race to the Far Lands RFW Match Part 1: Far Lands or Bust 30% Fundraiser Milestone
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The Far Lands are the edge of the Minecraft world from the beginning of the development of the game up until the Beta 1.8 update. It is the goal of Far Lands or Bust and Kurtjmac to reach the Far Lands.


Early in Far Lands or Bust (before it was named that), Kurt came up with the idea to travel to the Far Lands. Ever since the eleventh episode, Kurt departed from west from his Spawn Cabin.

30% MilestoneEdit

The Race to the Far Lands Race for Wool map was played for Far Lands or Bust's 30% Milestone for Season 3 with the KGB's and members of Mindcrack. The Far Lands were directly imported from Beta 1.7.3.


The Far Lands start the 12,550,820 coordinate mark, as after that block the terrain becomes wildly distorted. The Edge Far Lands, which Kurt is traveling to, are a flat wall of terrain starting at the build limit and going down to bedrock. There are holes in the wall that extend all the way until Far Lands chunks stop generating at the 34,359,738,368. However, at 32,000,000 the block physics finally break, making it impossible to get close to the hard limit. Due to errors in floating-point precision, the game's selection box on blocks slowly and slowly moves farther off the block. At the Far Lands, the game has a hard time computing where entities are in the world. The world slowly gets more jittery at the certain intervals when binary numbers roll over. These are 1,048,576; 2,097,152; 4,194,304; and 8,388,608. After passing these points the jitteryness becomes a lot more pronounced, but things like selection boxes slowly moving away from a block is a gradual change, first noticed at the 292202 Monument. The Corner Far Lands are a stack of different biomes about three blocks on top of each other at 12,550,820; 12,550,820 on the x and z coordinates.