Far Lands or Bust
Video Series
Time Duration March 6th 2011-
Game Minecraft

Far Lands or Bust, originally known as Minecraft Adventures is Kurtjmac's original Let's Play series and first Minecraft series. The goal of the series started as a basic Minecraft Let's Play, but morphed into a journey to the Far Lands of the Minecraft world. After Beta 1.8 removed the Far Lands, the series has progressed in Beta 1.7.3. As of Season 2, it became a fundraiser for Child's Play Charity.


Season 1Edit

To improve his speaking skills and introversion, Kurt decided to start a video series in Minecraft.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

We will try to get 100.000k til the 330 episode. So donate ya noodle! -EDIT- The goal was reached during the recent Mindcrack weekend Livestream. Over only 48 hours, $117,897.69 was raised! Kurt rolled over this amount into the FLoB total at the time, $47,650.81, and raised... $165,548.50, about 166% of his goal of 100,000!

Video FormatEdit

The first regular video format was known as the two-day format. Awaking from his Hidey Hole, Kurt would dig into a second one at night, then emerge and continue the episode before digging in again. The middle-of-the-episode Hidey Hole was replaced by an Elevated Hidey Hole. Soon, it expanded into three-day episodes and rare four day-episodes. In the series, Kurt answers viewer and donator questions and talks about topics relevant to him.




  • The name 'Far Lands or Bust' came from a YouTube commentor, and 'FLoB' was an accidental acrynoym Kurt created on twitter