The third episode of Far Lands or Bust where Kurt first discusses ideas about heading to the Far Lands.


This episode is a direct continuation from episode #002, "Building a Log Cabin."  The video starts with Kurt in a cave smelting iron ore.

Creeper General DiaryEdit

We jussSSsst found that the creeper that examined the new creature has been found lieing dead on the ground.......We talked to our leader Creeper Assly but ssssssome call him Mr.Assly. We also found that sssssskelitons have killed 5 more lassssst night, the night that my bretheren....My bessssst friend died.......The lassst thing i ssssshall include issss that we're going to the sssssskelliton tribe to talk about it. itssss going to be a blasssssst.


10:55 - 11:15 "Yeah, basically, there's no uh... in Minecraft there's no predefined borders to the, to the uh, to the map."

11:15 - 11:25 "Like I said, there's no borders or ends to the, to the uh maps, if you just keep on walking in one direction the map will just keep on spawning in front of you and randomly generating."

11:25 - 11:35 "I think there are, technical limits, but it's like five times the real-time distance of like if you were to walk around the actual earth in real life."

11:37 - 11:43 "Umm, so that would be interesting.  Uhh, I don't know how interesting that would be for a YouTube video!"

11:52 - 12:19 "Notch, the creator of the game, posted on his blog recently that uh, about all the crazy algorithms that make up the random generated world and how, the further away from your spawn point you go like really, really far the more buggier it'll be.  The system gets, so it starts to create really weird... Uh, areas and places where you'll get stuck inside rock and stuff like that so that, seems interesting."