The two hundred and thirty first episode of Far Lands or Bust, of which an event of Kurt blowing up TNT at a declared monument "TNT Plateau" in celebration for the two year anniversary of Far Lands or Bust from episode eleven.


Kurt exits the hidey hole and goes to collect some wood as he explains the nature of the episode, of which that it is the 2 year anniversary from episode eleven - the episode of which the walkathon started. He reminisces over episode eleven, talking about how it wasn't particularly a good quality video and therefore did not have many views. He then goes to collect sand hastily, without knowledge of how much sand may be needed for making TNT. He continues to talk about how unaware the length of the series would be in the early days, and then mentions the people he talked about in episode eleven. He then comes across some mountainous terrain.

"That seems like a magical place to set off some TNT, does it not?!"

Creeper General DiaryEdit

I took my platoon far ahead, hoping to make plans for our next ambush long in advance. I was awoken from my midday slumber by a loud crack from over the renderizon. I initially hoped that Rear Admiral Phallushrub was behind it. He has regretfully informed me that it was not his doing. Is the Farlander experimenting upon our kind, or is this just mere explosive enthusiasm? I hope the latter, though I dare not think of ways he could have acquired the materials.