Far Lands or Bust Episode 266: Blackout Kurtains
Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 265 - Tree Hat

Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 265 - Tree Hat


Far Lands or Bust
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Far Lands or Bust Episode 266: Blackout Kurtains is the 266th regular episode of Far Lands or Bust and the 67th Episode of Season 4. The Child's Play Charity fundraiser was at $35,056.00 at the time of recording.


Continuing west with Wolfie, Kurt avoids dangerous cliffs and answers many questions.

Charity Shoutouts

Kurt talks about Brian's new Exploration and Tactics Season 5 in UHC mode trying to complete a CTM, along with him donating $111 to Far Lands or Bust if he dies. He then discusses MCGamer's Zeldathon charity marathon with a guest appearance by PauseUnpause for Transplants.

Question: Does your office have any windows?

It's discussed that Kurt's office is in his second bedroom, so it does have windows, but Kurt is perpetually rearranging his desk. He knows his curtains to black out glare.

Question: Do you keep your coffee beans in the freezer?

Inteligencia coffee is discussed with Kurt discussing proper coffee bean procedure, which generally means he does not put his coffee in the freezer.

Question: I recent found out I am Gluten intolerant, I was wondering if you had any gluten free recipes?

There are a lot of foods that do not contain Gluten anyway, along with several rice mixes to continue eating grains.

Question: I was wondering how you have multiple Minecraft versions?

Minecraft stores data to user files, and Kurt can alternate between different jars.

Question: What is the longest hike/tallest mountain/deepest cave you have ever hiked/climbed/spelunked? If you haven't, do you have any inspirations to do such things?

Kurt got about three miles from the bottom of the Grand Canyon as well as having visited the top of Pikes Peak, but the most interesting hike was White Sands, New Mexico.




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