Far Lands or Bust Episode 267: Perfect Staircase
Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 267 - Perfect Staircase

Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 267 - Perfect Staircase


Far Lands or Bust
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Far Lands or Bust Episode 267: Perfect Staircase is the 267th regular episode of Far Lands or Bust and the 89th Episode of Season 4. The Child's Play Charity fundraiser was at $35,363.70 at the time of recording.


Kurtjmac finds that he may not be alone on his journey toward the Far Lands.

Zeldathon Shoutout

The Zeldathon charity livestream for the National Center for Transplants has a day left, having raised $34,000 dollars so far.

When is the next FLoBathon?

Realizing he's been going south, Kurt quickly corrects his pace. He discusses that he might not wait for $100,000 to hold another FLoBathon. FLoBathon could be held to reach the Season 4 gold instead of after getting to it.

2 Year Anniversary of STS 135

It has been two years since a Space Shuttle has launched, a sad milestone for astronomy fans. The last Space Shuttle, Atlantis, is now on display at Kennedy Space Center. He talks about his SpaceX Nasa Social giving him an exclusive look at Atlantis.

International Space Station Spacewalk

Astronauts are putting a cover on the Space Shuttle docking port, replacing a camera, and other things. 2015 will be the test of SpaceX's manned Dragon Capsule.

The Nexus 4

Kurt has purchased a Nexus 4 and is using T-Mobile's 'Introvert Plan', unlimited text and web but only 100 phone minutes. This is after Spring bought out USCellular, his old carrier.

Question: Did you have braces when you were a kid?

Due to his significant overbite, Kurt had braces for five years. Finding a perfect staircase in the ground, Kurt investigates and continues. Kurt had to wear headgear at night and had a terrible experience. As well, Kurt has blown off wearing his retainer. He also had to have a gum flap removed, even though it was not unnecessary, due to the dentist claiming that it was needed.




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