Far Lands or Bust Episode 270: Subconscious Wood Stacks
Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 270 - Subconscious Wood Stacks

Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 270 - Subconscious Wood Stacks


Far Lands or Bust
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Far Lands or Bust Episode 270: Subconscious Wood Stacks is the 270th regular episode of Far Lands or Bust and the 92st Episode of Season 4. The Child's Play Charity fundraiser was at $36,453.50 at the time of recording.


Back on a normal schedule, Kurt finds a very interesting place to sleep.

Far Lands or Bust Recap

Kurt decides to give out an explanation to Far Landers about the series up until this point, the journey, and how the series runs along with effects of his Far Lands journey.

A claim that Kurt has used over 2,300 blocks of wool in making beds during the series. Question: What would you have built if you had all those 2,300 wool blocks in any combination of wool blocks, but couldn't use any other blocks, and in a survival map.

Kurt asserts that 2,300 wool blocks is not a lot, as several pranks and builds on the server used more. He's not truly sure.

Question: If you could bring anyone with you on your journey to the Far Lands, who would it be and why?

A key feature of the series is that it is solo, so Kurt will not choose anybody.

Question: What landmark in the FLOB world have you enjoyed the most so far on your journey?

The 292202 Monument is brought up, as well as the Bizzaro 292202 Monument. The 699492 Monument, Canyon of Whoa, and Deep Dark and Magical Pit of Bottomless Destiny are all mentioned.

Question: Have you ever actually been to the Far Lands via map editors, teleportation cheats or anything just to experience it?

Kurt brings up the Race to the Far Lands map, the only time he has been in the Far Lands, albeit copy-and-pasted via map editor. He randomly says that he punches oak trees for wood and not spruce trees because it's a subconscious decision.

Question: Do you think you'd still be making videos and be as successful if it wasn't for Far Lands or Bust? What series do you think you'd be doing?

Far Lands or Bust did start Kurt's popularity, but Mindcrack also helped a lot. It's a real-world objective and really helps the series.

Question: If you were to go back would you do anything differently?

Kurtjmac is a name that Kurt would regret. He ends up finding a Zombie Dungeon with six saddles.