Far Lands or Bust Episode 333: Flobathon Details
Far Lands or Bust
Release Date February 28, 2014
Version Beta 1.7.3

Far Lands or Bust Episode 333: #Flobathon Details was the 333rd regular episode of Far Lands or Bust and the 155th Episode of Season 4. The Child's Play Charity fundraiser was at $179,662.03 at the time of the recording.


Kurt continues on his westward journey to the Far Lands, and discusses the upcoming FLoB-athon.



Kurt announces dates and times for FLoB-athon and remembers previous F3 moments. He explains the contest to guess his coordinates at the end of the livestream and the winning prizes.

Figurines and models

Kurt discusses 3D printing and the KSP figurines he received in the post. He talks about printing your Minecraft skin.

Spreadshirt Stores

Kurt mentions the Far Lands or Bust Spreadshirt Store and the prices of items and available coupons.

Minecraft News: Minecraft Movie

Kurt discusses the rumored live action Minecraft movie. He suggests YouTuber cameos would be interesting and funny in the movie. Kurt talks about the fan-made Minecraft movie being taken down.

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