History Edit

In episode #092 of Far Lands or Bust, Kurt builds a monument out of cobblestone, cobblestone stairs, cobblestone slabs, fences, water, torches and red & white wool, to celebrate reaching 142% of the Child's Play Charity goal during the 8-hour 20-minute livestream, and therefore pressing F3 to reveal his coord
Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 096 - The 292202 Monument

Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 096 - The 292202 Monument

inates: 15181 on the X-axis and 292202 on the Z-axis. The monument is a tower of red & white wool with a torch on top, standing on a block of cobblestone. This tower is surrounded by a pool of water. The water is surrounded by cobblestone stairs and cobblestone slabs in the corners. The monument is surrounded by fences with torches in the corners, next to the entrance and in the middle.


  • In the description of Far Lands or Bust #096, Kurt states that it would have taken a half decent builder only 6 minutes to complete the monument. It took kurt over 30 minutes.