This was the first marathon livestream held by Kurt in order to celebrate reaching and exceeding the $8200.00 Child's Play Charity goal - raising $11724.00 dollars.  The livestream was announced to occur on episode 94 of Far Lands or Bust.  Despite the naming of the livestream, the livestream was held for 12 hours and 20 minute as Kurt promised to add an extra hour of livestream per 10% exceeded of the goal.  Consistently, Kurt had over 1500 viewers throughout the livestream, fluctuating up to over 2000 viewers.

The livestream started at 1:00 PM EST, on Saturday November the 12th with 106% raised of the $8200.00 goal.


  • Lorgon111
  • AntVenom
  • EditZP
  • 2girls1minecraft
  • Kitman1973
  • ldshadowlady
  • lara6613
  • BDoubleO100
  • CoeStar
  • TheSlowMoGuys

Trivia Edit

  • If Kurt was travelling at the speed of light, it would of taken him 0.97 millisecond.